Eliminate the stigma of ICO

Convert your Utility Tokens to tokenized equity

We have a solution for the conversion of previously issued Utility tokens into new tokenized securities
We have a solution for the conversion of previously issued Utility tokens into new tokenized securities - Swap.
Utility tokens market
4 914
Tokens are listed
on CoinmarketCap
Projects MarketCap is more than $1M
Projects MarketCap is less than $100k
But no token reflects the real financial state of the company due to the unclassified legal status.
Unlocking capital
by the Swap
High-risk of regulatory oversight with penalties and fines
Blind alley in attracting new investors and new business partners
The clear and understandable legal ground allows to lower the risk of government interference and excessive regulatory oversight.
Compliant legal framework for additional growth, funding, possible exit strategies or M&A interest.
Holding Utility tokens:
By converting the
token a project gets:
Asset price is heavily tied to the crypto market fluctuations
Token holders are not treated as investors from the legal point of view
Asset price is tied strictly to the key financial indicators of the company
Fully compliant "company-shareholder" model
The trust of current token holders is expected to rise rapidly
Holders of old tokens become shareholders and obtain respective shareholders' rights.
Regulatory risks associated
with utility tokens are eliminated.
Investors gain Certainty regarding the exit strategy
The project's obligations before the investors are precise and understandable for future potential investors.
Our clients believe that the problem can be solved
Karma business is growing 40% each month for 10 months in a row. We're on our path to self-sustainability and operational profitability. However, due to the major fall of the crypto market, the price of an asset offered during the ICO has significantly decreased. There is a paradoxical situation: the business is growing at a tremendous pace, while investors can't benefit from our growth. To heal this situation, we've decided to Swap our tokens with Tokenomica.
George Goognin
Founder and Board Member of Karma.
Why Tokenomica?
Automated conversion
Attract more capital
Сompliance is embedded in the code of asset
We provide all the necessary infrastructure: deposit of previously issued Utilities, issuance of Securities and Smart Contract with parameters of the Swap are all available at one place.
The assets are designed in a way that all obligations and rights of the parties are embedded in the code.
Try the
Tokenomica provides both a technological solution for the Swap, the marketplace to attract new investors and fully compliant BTC-to-Euro gateway
How does the
Swap work?
Tokenomica helps issuer to complete legal procedures
Tokenomica provides the full
infrastructure for conversion:
Token holders deposit Utility tokens and complete KYC on Tokenomica
The project issues tokenized securities
Smart Contract for the Swap can be upgraded to accept BTC/ETH or TUSD to sell additional assets
After the SWAP is finished, Smart Contract distributes assets to shareholders
Client Case
In 2017, the Platform issued utility tokens. During ICO, the tokens were distributed among 4000 individuals from multiple jurisdictions. After the token sale, the tokens were listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and were introduced to secondary trading. As a result, the amount of token holders enhanced.

Now the Platform is converting the issued utility tokens into tokenized securities.
What is wrong with utilities?
— New potential investors do not understand the concept and purpose of the utility token

— Obligations under utility tokens imply additional difficulties for further investment rounds.
Why convert?
— The Platform cares about its current token holders and would not want to leave them with nothing. Instead they will receive tokenized preferred shares and respective shareholder rights. Tokens imply additional difficulties for further investment rounds.
If you
Had an ICO
Are a growing business with huge plans to grow and develop
Have active community of Utility token holders, willing to participate in project's activities
Would like to attract capital, but have troubles with structuring the deal due to legal uncertainty of token status;
Appreciate the community and their support and ready to give them a regulated instrument with investor protection
You've never had an ICO, but would like to attract capital, by issuing Smart Securities
Let's get in
We are glad to provide our technical solution. If you have been working on the same deal or know the project, that might be interested in the Swap - contact us to learn more about the referral program.